Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Big News


Alhamdulillah after 2 years of marriage. Allah has given US the "rezeki". It is to early to habaq pada kawan2 even our family pun. Boleh? Hehe. 

UPT done at home,after I missed my P for a week. Test firstly in the morning, without any hope abt it, I just did my routine breakfast for hubby & me..left the UPT alone for a while in the loo. Because I had tried so many times UPT for every month, and the result is -ve..So, takmau berharap, hence there are no symptoms or 10 things if U are pregnant. But, none the symptom I had. After a while, i checked the result...

AND JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!! It is +tive & double line..Eh, I'm pregnant, doubtful lagi tuh. Mcm tak caya, buat solat syukur sekali & subuh..En. suami tak bagitahu lagi. Bagitahu bila dia dah bangun minum pagi..Tersengih2 kat dia.. Dia buat muka blur jugak. Then PAKSA dia masuk toilet tgk something atas cermin. Mula2 dia takmau gak.. Tapi I dok paksa.. Then, he went inside to see. Keluar toilet, "Eh, sayang pregnant ek" terus he kissed at my cheeks.. huhuhuhu.. And he said. "terangnya line ek." 

For the moments, I just berhati2 abt makan dan jalan2 and consume asid folic as usual even setiap bulan I dok makan a.folic ni..huhu and tugas buang u'uk my cats automatic switch to my husband..BUT the confirmation from doctor belum buat. reason? Buzy like a bee this week. So, we decided not to tell others. After seeing the doc, then we will spread the news to our parents. Hopefully, it will turn good and smooth.

p/s : ticker kat sebelah tu, ngada2 jek..just to keep track.

Pray for us for the happy & healthy nine months @ 40 weeks...Amin


  1. alhamdulillah! tahniah! jaga kandungan baik2. cukup rehat n jaga mkn dear. tahniah sekali lagi :)

  2. Jan..glad to hear this gud news..im happy for u =) congrats!! jg diri elok2..i mean extra careful! hihi..

  3. jan... patut la. oooo... heheheeee... nak rahsia ea... hak hak hakkkkk!! yes, rahsia dah bocor... yey yey nak bgtau satu kolej! yey yeyyy!! TAHNIAHHHHHHH...!!

  4. Hai - alah, nak bagitahu pun awal lagi..hehehe. ingat memang nak bagitahu LIVE ngan hai..syyyyy, jgn lah heboh2 lagi...

    Hana - Ok, akan sentiasa extra careful pn hana..huhu. Thx a lot hana.

    Fara - tq dear..insya Allah akan menjaga sebaik mungkin amanah allah.